This is a big one and I hear it all the time.  Once you begin your fitness journey everyone has a comment or opinion on what you are doing.  This was particularly hard for my wife.  My wife is a pharmaceutical sales representative and one of her functions is to provide meals during educational presentations, e.g. breakfasts, lunches, etc.

After years of trying I have finally got her to pack her meals every day! The bad news is the reaction she gets when she starts eating or drinking different things than everyone else?

Has this happened to you?  You’re at your desk or in the breakroom and you proudly pull out your salad with grilled chicken and your celery and carrot sticks and people walk by and roll their eyes. Then come the comments, “wow, look at you!” (not with an encouraging tone.) or, “you’re starting to lose too much weight.” Or my favorite “you should try this, it tastes so good.”

I don’t know why trying to eat healthy can bring out so much emotion in people but what I advise you to do is JUST SAY THANK YOU!

  1. Never get defensive, just smile and say, “I AM losing weight, thank you for noticing”, or “thank you for offering me that cookie but I’ll pass this time.”
  2. Find some friends that have the same goals as you and eat with them.
  3. Always be positive and act like you love what you’ve packed. (Even if you don’t)
  4. DO NOT SAY, “Oh my God, I wish I could have what you’re having,” or “God I hate this stuff, but I have to eat it.”  

What I have found out is that the people who are making negative comments sometimes feel that you are judging them by eating healthy food in front of them.  Often, they just feel embarrassed at their food choices and feel guilty that they are not trying to do better.  I’ll guarantee that if you stay positive and stick to your good food choices, you will notice all the people around you trying to eat better!

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